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Homebuyers & New Movers

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Grow your business by connecting with new residents in your area!

When new residents move to town, they are in the market for new products and services. We specialize in introducing these valuable prospects to you!

As a local business, you can begin to establish relationships with these prospective customers that could be mutually beneficial for years to come. New homebuyers and new movers will establish most of their purchase habits during the first 90 days after they move. These new residents are ready and able to spend a significant amount of money in your community. You can reach them NOW and establish long-term relationships BEFORE your competition.

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Reach homebuyers FAST! Daily and Weekly Postcard Mailings Available

Homebuyers are excellent prospects for local businesses. Homebuyer mailings include anyone that recently purchased a home and can be targeted by geographic area, home value, and other criteria. Many homebuyers will be shopping for services such as landscaping, window coverings, flooring and other home-related services.

Home sales are publicly recorded and information can be made available either daily or weekly. This means we can get your mailing out fast. Businesses want to reach homebuyers quickly to get an edge on their competitors.

Why Homebuyers?

• They are long-term, repeat customers: The average length of residency for a homebuyer is 8.3 years
• 14% of your customers will move this year making it important to acquire new ones
• Homebuyers will spend an average of $10,900 on goods and services within first 150 days after moving
• Today’s homebuyers have great credit and financial stability
• Nearly three-quarters of movers make major purchases (furniture, appliances, home improvements, etc..)
• The average homeowner will spend more the first year of residency than the following 3 years
• Secure long-term relationships with new customers prior to your competition


New mover mailings include both new homebuyers and new renters. New movers are looking for new restaurants, dentists, auto repair shops, furniture stores and more!

Establishing new movers early as your customers, before your competition does, allows you gain their loyalty and gaining their business for years. With some of your customer base moving away, not only can new movers replace sales revenues, but it can even grow them. New movers can be targeted by neighborhood, so you mail only to the movers you want. You set the demographic criteria, so we mail the movers best matching your customer model. Simply put, your marketing can zero in on the best new customer prospects and avoid wasting ad dollars on people less likely to use your products or services


Based on timing and demographics, we will introduce your business to homebuyers most likely to use your product or service. Demographics can include new constructed homes, existing resold homes, purchase price, and dwelling type. Homebuyers prioritize their needs first and then add desired items as they settle into their new home with the period of greater need being generally 30 days before the move and up to 45 days after the move.

Our Programs


Our professional design team will create a direct mail piece that is not only visually appealing but designed to generate the best possible response.

Our custom designed postcards are printed on high quality, glossy card stock that will get your business noticed.


We can target new homebuyers and new movers within any geographic market in the United States (by region, city, zip code, or radius distance from your location). Your postcard will arrive as a single piece in the mailbox.


• Home Improvement
• Home Services
• Restaurants
• Dental Offices
• Veterinarians
• Furniture Shops
• Auto Repair
• Cleaning Services
• Security Companies
• Landscaping
• Painting Contractors
• Pest Control
• Window Coverings
• Handyman Services
• And many more